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Information about Arcturians


These are the much evolved humanoid beings from the star system of Arcturus. They are smaller than human beings on Earth and they are almost identical in appearance to each other. This is normal where a society moves towards a group consciousness as the Arcturians have. This means that their individual personality is not as important to them as it is to human beings on Earth. They are more focused on the group experience of all Arcturians.

Their spiritual energies are very high vibrational. Often they are mistaken for angels as their energy is very similar. They have a less dense physical format when compared to human beings on Earth.

The Arcturians are very service orientated and are the masters of working with spiritual energies. On earth they are known for their skills with healing energies, but in truth they work with all positive applications of spiritual energies. They work on the level of chakras, meridian lines, energy bodies, the rays and also at the level of DNA .

They are quite detached and scientific in nature. They are fascinated with understanding how the Universe works and therefore they study all aspects of the Universal energy and also astronomy. This has led them to become experts in all aspects of spiritual energies which naturally allows them to be skilful healers. This expertise extends to technical areas and they have created elaborate Light Ships which are a cross between large space ships and cities. These Light Ships offer all kinds of scientific and healing facilities for those beings who visit them. The Light Ships are able to change density and move between dimensions.
There is a Star Gate connected to the Star of Arcturus. A Star Gate is a portal between other dimensions and Universes. It is also a centre for teaching, healing and orientation for beings from all over the Galaxy that use these facilities and who come into incarnation in new worlds.

As guides they help us with all things energetic. You can call the Arcturians into your meditation in order to work on you energetically in the following ways:

To provide general healing
To provide energetic balance at all levels
To provide energetic clearance – to remove other peoples energies and unwanted energetic chords
To raise your vibration – to amplify your awareness of spiritual realities
To align you spiritually – to help you create a balance between Earthly awareness (being grounded) and spiritual awareness such as being aware of unseen spiritual realities of guides, energies and spiritual dimensions of consciousness
To ground you – to help return your energies and awareness to your human experience
To help you to integrate recent spiritual and energetic changes – to help this process to be quicker and more graceful

Lord Arcturus
This Arcturian being is experienced as being intelligent, capable of being interactive, pure in intention and has a bright energy.
He is a teacher and guides us to the Universal energies of love, wisdom and to the oneness that all beings share. He will show us how to connect to these universal energies that go beyond Earth or any particular star system.
He is especially good at helping us to transcend the tendency to polarise our perspectives and he especially good at helping us to balance sexual polarities. He encourages us to call on him when we need simplification in our thinking and when we need to let go of a situation.

Lady Arcturus
This Arcturian being is experienced as being supportive, gentle, caring and patient.
She is a spiritual guide and shows us what grace is, how to surrender to the present moment and how we can realise truth for ourselves.
She is especially good at helping us to get to the heart of a matter, be more open to intuition and to see beyond limited human perspectives.
She works with Star Seed children.